Frequently Asked Questions

Have inquiries about our booking process and parking lot system? below you will find answers to our frequently asked questions about your Port of Miami Cruise Parking .

In order to park with us you must book a reservations with ample time to ensure availability, this will guarantee that you receive the best prices on the market. Rates are subjected to variation based on when you will be  traveling. Parking reservations can be done any time prior to the day of your cruise.

Once  you arrive to our parking facilities you will be greeted by one of our representatives. You must provide our attendant with your reservation information and amount of guest traveling  with you at the time of check in. Your driver will provide you with a paper with multiple flags containing information and guidelines to follow upon arriving  from your cruise; this will be beneficial for the shuttle drivers to locate you during pick up. Upon returning from your voyage you will flag our driver with the paper provided to you prior to departing.

We reserve the right to substitute self-parking of your vehicle for valet parking services at our sole discretion.

Somethings to  keep in  mind:

  • - We provide courtesy shuttle services to and from the port.
  • - The shuttle service is courtesy and in the event that you opt for another means of transportation  it will be at your own expense.
  • - The shuttle drivers will assist all passengers with their bags.
  • - Upon arriving from your cruise you must report to the designated area indicated on the instructions provided to ensure pick up.
  • - If you do not see our shuttle call at 786-780-9329 upon arrival.

Pick up at the port ONLY starts at 7:30 AM
Regular shuttle service to the port starts at 11:00 AM